25.06.01 A few days off for a christening but now its back to work . Hopefully the sunny weather will send charcoal sales soaring . No not the nettle .

21.06.01 I've had a lot of complaints (well one ) that the coppice cam wasn't updated yesterday . I'm sorry I was giving blood and was a bit tired . Anyway to make up for it here is a picture of my cleft alder fence posts that I've put round the willow patch to stop the deer ....hmmmm.

19.06.01 A day spent bagging . Very boring but needs doing . 80 standard and 6 large bagged up . The light getting through to the woodland floor is having a great effect on the oak regeneration .

18.06.01 Burn 7 was a success! Another 100 bagger , the waiting was worth it for a lot of high quality charcoal . It is now getting time to start organising next winters woodland to give time for any grants to be put in place .

14.06.01 Burn 7 was successfully completed on Friday , this one going on interminably for 13 hours . Weather a bit showery . Delivered 65 bags to my East Midland agent over the weekend .

13.06.01 Nice cool weather , but a disappointing day emptying the kiln . After the 12 hour burn I still had loads of brown ends and a low yield of 16 builders bags of charcoal . What's more I was unable to get the kiln reloaded after emptying it . This seems to be a problem with the bigger thinned timber which is taking a lot of splitting .

12.06.01 Burn 6 completed on Monday after 12 hours . The extra cooking time was probably due to the amount of green wood in the charge as opposed to brown ends from a previous burn . The amount of water driven off at the start can be quite dramatic , I'm just glad most people are asleep at that time of the morning!

08.06.01 The end of another week and the kiln is filled and ready to go with burn 6 on Monday 11th June . Friday was spent extracting wood from compartment 7 and forming a route through the wood so I can go round in a big circle with the trailer and cut down the amount of shuffling about . Here is the path opening up at the far end of the wood .

07.06.01 Rhubarb the Landrover has puncture number 5 , this time requiring a new tyre as well . I thought I was doing well last weekend sold two hurdles £75 2 days later one tyre £74.99 ho hum . Today I emptied the kiln and it was the most productive burn yet a massive hundred bagger , and all very nice charcoal . I was late starting out this morning however and I still havn't managed to turn round a kiln in a day so that its ready to burn again . I must get this sorted or I will fail miserably .

05.06.01 Burn number 5 today . A busy day as instead of spending most of the day doing fencing while the burn was on , I got in wood for the next burn . Its mostly big birch ( 18 inches across ) so it needed a fair bit of chopping up . Burn started at 5.30 am finished at 15:00 .

04.06.01 A nice dry day , although a bit hot with my double thickness chainsaw trousers on . I have filled the kiln ready for a burn tomorrow , it seemed to fill up fairly painlessly this time . I have also pushed the inlet ports back in after two rather poor burns with the inlets very close to the edge of the kiln . Met an interesting old fella who can remember them making charcoal in big earth mounds at Witherslack Hall woods . He also worked on dredgers on Windermere that brought up green sand from the depths . This sand was Deposited during the ice age and is different from the silt that still gets deposited . When they had to go deeper than 120 foot to recover the sand it became uneconomical and the sand wharf is now the steamboat museum . Here is a picture of a cleft oak bird table .

sound by Jbgmusic