June 2001

28.06.01 Spent today splitting up quartered oak into rough palings ready for draw knifing tomorrow

27.06.01 Not one guess for the 'spot the flora' competition so I'll have to keep my bag of charcoal . Weather a bit cooler today so I spent all day sweating in my chainsaw trousers getting oak for a cleft oak fence . Heavy work in dense undergrowth and I'm knackered . While I was having my sandwiches this deer appeared by the kiln .

26.06.01 Spent today trying to sell barbecue charcoal in the Kirkby Lonsdale and Ingleton area . This went pretty well because Barry Houghton doesn't seem to cover this area and people are keen to get locally made charcoal . You certainly meet interesting people in this line of work and Mansergh Hall Farm shop near Kirkby Lonsdale is beautiful place which makes its own lamb and pork products . Well worth a visit see the links page . Still no entrants for the 'guess the flora' competition so I'm going to repeat the picture till someone is forced to enter .

sound by Jbgmusic