December 2013














copcam130726July 2013

copcam130619[big pile of firewood at Moss wood]

June 2013

copcam130617[delivering firewood to Kentmere]

copcam130618[new trailer finally being used]

This summer has been quite remarkable after the washout of the last couple of years. Woods have dried out and we've been able to get the wood out of Dixon Heights.The trailer I bought from Estonia last year has sat in the barn while I tried to figure a way of getting enough hydraulic pressure to make the 4wd rollers work. In the end I gave up and have been using it at Moss and Height Spring to move 3 metre long poles without using the rollers. It works very well and the rocking beam axles flow over stumps and rocks very easily.But handballing 3 metre long poles on and off is still hard work.

copcam130607[first outing for new car]

After eight years great service Arnold the landrover has been sold for a younger less milage L200. Its obviously been a farmers car and stank of sheep droppings. My son has christened it sheeppoojitsu and it seems to have stuck (the name not the sheep poo).

May 2013

copcam130514[winching at Dixon Heights]

copcam130503[first burn of the year]

copcam130502[Sam's hazel rods being moved]

April 2013

copcam130429[site visit at National coppice fed agm]


copcam130428[ncfed agm]

[Hornhill Wood]

copcam130425[tapping rail delivered to Keswick]

copcam130416[posts ready to be adzed]

copcam130403[rose arch finished]

March 2013

copcam130322[snowing again]

copcam130320[Sam's mate trying spoon carving]

copcam130311[arch under construction]

copcam130305[snowing again]


copcam130227[winching for Sam at Moss wood]

copcam130221[Paddy helping cut the willow patch]

copcam130219[sawmilling in the Winster valley]

copcam130216[sparrowhawk in the workshop]

copcam130211[felling a windblow oak stuck in another oak]

copcam130204[cleft oak arch]

copcam130201[Paddy helps out with some sanding]


copcam130123[cleaving in the snow]

copcam130122[timber framing while its snowy]

copcam130114[snow returns to lakes]


sound by Jbgmusic