Cleft oak gates


We make cleft oak gates to order, so they always look right for the place they are going. You can leave the style to us or if you can design it we can make it (well probably). We've made cleft oak gates for Dove cottage, York Castle museum, the National Trust and lots of other people.

There are two main styles, a simple 'Z' frame with cleft oak palings is the cheapest version. For this type we use sawn wood to make the Z frame and this type of gate will take strap hinges,  

Every gate is different reflecting the nature of the tree it came from. A 3 foot wide gate costs between £175-£250 depending on the style.


Field gate and 2 framed gates


Z-frame gate from the back.

tudorgate2Tudor gate -the customer came up with the design of this gate from a drawing in the margin of a Tudor manuscript. Finding a suitable bent piece of wood was difficult with trees this curved tending to have branches coming out of the corner that takes most of the stress. 


Coniston gate (framed gate)                                                                                                                          10 foot field gate

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