Winter 2017/2018 - I'm having to move yards this winter so I've been running my stocks down prior to moving in November. While I get sorted Jack Holden of Mountain Oak Woodcraft is covering my firewood supply. He can be contacted at  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or telephone 07708526617

If you want me to organise with Jack your delivery you can still contact me on the usual email. Hopefully won't be out of firewood action too long .

We've been supplying hardwood firewood for 15 years now, and like to keep our customers happy so they come back for more. It will burn straight out of the bag, but if you've got the space, the best system is a two bay log store and order another load when one bay is empty. This irons out any supply problems (a cold snap tends to remind everyone to re-order at the same time) and a bit of extra time drying off can only help the burning qualities.

firewood load

We store our firewood in ex -National Trust helibags which are about a cubic metre each and hold roughly half a tonne of hardwood firewood.

1 bag £70

2 bags £130